Make Time Your Friend!



Live with Vacation Mind

Do you have too little time? Do you want to bring joy and playfulness into your work? Would you like to be relaxed and happy during every activity? 

Taylor's "stop rushing, stop waiting" method is here to take you beyond time management! Eliminate unnecessary things and enjoy the moment to live a life free from struggle

Put an end to rushing, and never "wait" for anything. 




Shambhavi's Approach

Let your life service be full of joy and creativity!

Through improvisational theater games, self-exploration and planning, take your life to the next level and have fun doing it. With years of experience at the University of California, Shambhavi is ready to help you achieve balance and success.

A blend of yogic principles and comedy gives her corporate and individual trainings the power to transform the experience of "work" and "progress."


I would recommend Shambhavi Taylor’s courses and presentations to any group or company. They improve morale, productivity, and increase problem solving and creative thinking.
— Robert Nixon, Manager, Employee Counseling Services, University of California Office of the President


email: nataliespeak@gmail.com 
phone: (510) 435-1699